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Ethiopis Travel offers the lowest possible fares for travelers from the United States to Rio Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our consolidator supported fares will save you money every time. Call us at 97-792-0236 during working hours or email us at ethiopistravel at gmail dot com to get your quick fare quotes. We have other […]


Helpful hint for air travelers

Due to heightened security at all airports, if you are holding a ticket and waiting for your flight date, please remember that you have to arrive at the airport for check in at least 3 hours prior to your flight’s departure time to avoid possible delays and the risk of missing your flight all together.  Make sure you have your valid passport, visa for destination (if needed), and any other documentation required for travel before heading to the airport to avoid being turned back from the airport and paying really high fees to rebook and reissue your new ticket.

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