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Last update: 2 days ago

The new Green councillors you have never heard of before

May 25, 2019, 8:05 p.m.

Back in 1991, the Greens had an unexpected election in Dublin, winning seats they had never thought possible. Sadhbh O’Neill, then a 21-year-old student, had not even campaigned and was in the middle of a J-1 working holiday visa in the US when the results came through that she had been elected as a councillor. Similarly, many of the new batch of Green councillors due to be elected this weekend will be unknown to the wider public. Here are some of those who have made the breakthrough. William Priestley Set to top the poll in Rathfarnham-Templeogue, William Priestley runs a trading company but has a lot of experience in education and social policy, as well as a trade union background. Originally from Dublin, he worked for more than a deca...

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